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“C” for Covid? No, “C” for creativity: a selection of the most original initiatives in the airline industry during the pandemic

Mobility restrictions around the world during 2020 and so far in 2021 have dealt a severe blow to the tourism industry. Closed hotels, reduced flight schedules, entry restrictions to many countries… At times like these, it's time to get creative. Over the last few months, airlines from all over the world have surprised us with some of the most unique proposals. Today we want to share them, since in terms of scope and newsworthiness they are especially interesting from the point of view of public relations.

In Sergat, as a communication agency specialized in aviation, creativity is the central axis of all actions and events that we implement for our clients.


Lufthansa: from aircraft to exclusive furniture

The initiative of the German company Lufthansa will thrill aviation and decoration lovers alike. The company has given a second life to one of its retired A320s by converting part of its materials into original home furnishings. Among the products, we find coffee tables, hangers and even sculptures. A sustainable initiative for those looking for objects with a story behind them.

Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines: travel through the palate

New gastronomic projects during the pandemic? For all travelers who miss taking to the skies, Thai Airways has opened a restaurant, located in the airline's offices in Bangkok, serving airline food. The space lacks nothing: airplane seats, old engines and tires that function as tables and the menus that the airline normally serves on board.

Along these lines, Singapore Airlines decided to innovate in the gastronomic field by creating a pop-up restaurant on board one of its A380s last October at Changi Airport. Led by chef Shermay Lee, diners were able to enjoy a two-day menu based on international dishes and Peranakan cuisine, which are on the menus of all classes. It was undoubtedly a good opportunity to once again board the world's largest commercial aircraft.

Etihad: what is it like to sleep on board an Airbus on the ground?

Glamping is here to stay in the aviation industry. For those looking for unconventional accommodation, Etihad has a proposal that fits the bill: it has converted an A319 into an Airbnb accommodation for four people in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The simple, functional room includes a sofa bed, two single beds, television and a small kitchenette.

British Airways: a Boeing 747 converted into an event venue

We have just seen that retired airplanes can be used to make furniture, accommodation, and why not event rooms? The latter is what British Airways has done with one of its Boeing 747s in Gloucestershire. In addition to private events or meetings, the space can also be conceived as a cinema and is suitable for school activities.




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