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"Words are all we have"
Samuel Beckett
Samuel Beckett
Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969


We communicate, so we exist. We are storytellers. We engage. We believe in the power of stories to reach people. We know the industry and we know how, through words, to bring companies closer to their audiences. Fashions come and go, but in the field of corporate communication the writing always remains.

Is an image worth a thousand words? Sometimes yes, however, in our communication work the backbone is the content. As the maxim in content marketing says, content is king. We are ready to embark on cross-cutting text writing projects: preparation of B2B or B2C press releases, writing corporate material, such as press kits and other informative pieces, or even composing SEO-optimized web texts. The final objective of our publications is to make known, through the appropriate support and channel, the day-to-day life of our clients. Storytelling is here to stay!

In addition to informative content, at Sergat we are your partner for the creation of advertising content. If you need to write a branded content piece or devise an online sales campaign, you are in the right place. Our creativity has no limits.

The contents are already done, but they need to be reviewed? Our communication agency also takes care of the revision and edition of texts to bring relevance and capture the interest of the reader.

We are a multicultural and multilingual team. We communicate at mother tongue level and with maximum fluency in five languages, so we provide a quality translation service for any type of text.

How do we work with corporate texts? For both one-off projects and longer-term contracts. We are flexible and adapt to the requirements of each company.

As a communication and public relations agency, we offer the following services for the creation of content.

  • Press release copy writing
  • Writing of corporate materials (press kits, opinion articles)
  • Newsletter writing and distribution
  • Writing content for blogs
  • SEO-optimized web content writing
  • Writing branded content
  • Content creation for social networks
  • Text editing
  • Translations

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  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Media Relations
  • Press conferences and other corporate events
  • Copy writing and distribution of press releases
  • Press trips
  • Corporate material design
  • Media coverage analysis and reporting


  • Crisis communications management
  • Brand-specific consultancy
  • Spokesperson training
  • Corporate campaigns to promote tourism
  • Customized crisis communications seminars


  • Conceptualization, creation and execution of corporate events
  • Product and service launches
  • Fairs, congresses, celebrations, meetings
  • Customized events and productions


  • Copywriting of press releases, press kits, newsletters
  • Copywriting for websites, blogs and social networks
  • Editing and translation
  • Adaptation and localization of global content for the Spanish market


  • Strategic Planning
  • Copywriting and Community Management
  • Influencer marketing


  • On and offline campaigns
  • Branding
  • Editorial design