Celebration of the Year of the Monkey

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About This Project

To celebrate the entry of the Year of the Monkey in 1992, we launched a communication campaign for the Hong Kong Tourism Board which, despite a low budget, went around the world with repercussions not only in Spain and Europe -including on TV- but also in the main media in the PRC, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the rest of Asia. For the action, we took advantage of the presence of the then only albino gorilla in the world at the Barcelona's zoo, probably the most famous gorilla in the world for its uniqueness: we gave “Snowflake” – his name –  a delicious fruit and vegetable cake, served in full view of the media and the public in its outdoor enclosure. All with the prominent Hong Kong branding, an element of a promotional display. To round off the initiative, the other monkeys at the zoo were given a ton of fruit and vegetables as gifts.