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The relationship between client and the communications agency

At Sergat, as a communication and public relations agency specialized in aviation, tourism, hospitality and lifestyle, we are proud to maintain long-lasting relationships with a considerable number of clients. Relationships of many years that, with some of the clients, is approaching 25 years. This circumstance, in the communications agencies business, is very unusual and many times we are asked about this differential and remarkable fact. Remarkable because, in principle, it can be easier to win a new client than to keep one for many years, in changing situations and in a highly competitive environment.

If a world-class client, be it an airline, a tourist destination, a hotel or hotel chain, keeps its communications agency for so long, there must be good reasons, starting with its professionalism and level of service.  Likewise, it is also valid to look at it from the agency's point of view: working for many years with a certain client requires mutual understanding, an understanding and affinity for its brand and corporate culture. And that this long-term bond is not only conditioned by personal relationships with specific people, since the rotation of key personnel in a large and dynamic company can be high, which often means the presence of a new contact or reporting person.

While “longevity” in the relationship with many of our clients is a fact, we also have to point out that not all relationships are easy, feasible or even desirable. Any communication agency, as in any other business with commercial criteria, wants to have new and more clients. However, sometimes it happens -and we have experienced it several times- that a proposed  o “client- agency” relationship is not a match.

This usually happens due to a lack of understanding, because of different values or criteria or even including personality clashes. For us it is essential not only to want to work for a certain brand or company because we are motivated by its activity, success and values, but also to have what we could call the same wavelength, a natural connection between company and company, between people and people. If this chemistry between people, between client and agency is missing, any relationship -no matter how lucrative it may be- is doomed to failure.

This is one of the pillars on which we base our relationship as a communications agency with our clients: a deep understanding, a mutual respect beyond purely commercial interests, professional ethics, a true interest in its business and a motivation and ties that allows us to integrate deeply into the company and its corporate culture. A fruitful relationship is always – in any kind of relationship in life – reciprocal and balanced.

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